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Cooperation with HITeC

HITeC, as an independent institution, can meet any requirements for a cooperation with great flexibility. Our liaison with the Department of Informatics allows a great variety of cooperations between companies and HITeC:

  • Visiting our regular workshops on new topics
  • Participating in our contact fairs
  • Advising student theses
  • Organisation of seminars for selected topics
  • Performing research and providing advice for relevant research questions in the field of informatics
  • Cooperative projects for conceptualisation and prototypical realisation of software technologies and applications
  • Companies interested in continued cooperation with HITeC have the possibility to become sustaining members

Find out more in our Annual Reports or read about our previous projects.

Cooperation Partners

Companies and institutions cooperating with HITeC.

Sustaining Membership

HITeC is a registered non-profit association, carried by members of the Department of Informatics at the University of Hamburg. All natural and legal persons who agree with the purpose of the association and want to support HITeC with contributions may become sustaining members. This primarily concerns companies and institutions with which HITeC has had successful cooperations. These companies and institutions support HITeC through sustaining membership. Advantages of sustaining membership:

  • Support of HITeC’s goals
  • Support of technology transfer
  • Increased contact and cooperation between HITeC and sustaining members
  • Preferential invitation to all HITeC events (e.g. Contact Fair or Training Alliance)
  • One or two annual events particularly offered for sustaining members
  • Presence and link on the HITeC website

The minimum annual contribution for sustaining members is 500 EURO. Application form for sustaining membership (PDF, 15k)

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