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Spin offs from the Informatics Department

When cooperating with new IT businesses, HITeC focuses on professional cooperation. Additionally we support businesses in the spin-off phase by establishing contacts to funding, financing, patenting or renting premises.

  • HITeC cooperates with: Innovationsstarter Hamburg GmbH, a consultation investor which supports technology oriented spin-offs in the early stages.
  • The University of Hamburg provides room and workspace for new businesses in the early stages.

The following companies were founded in cooperation with HITeC or emerged from the Informatics Department.


effective webworks alternativeEffective Webwork was founded in 2007 by two former HITeC staff and longterm researchers from the Informatics Department. Dr. Matthias Finck and Dr. Iver Jackewitz will professionalise and commercialise the services that were formerly part of HITeC, namely the usage of digital media in education. Effective Webwork GmbH is an expert for communication and cooperation in the internet. If you really want to use the Internet — trust effective webwork GmbH.

Gentleware AG is a spin-off from the University of Hamburg, Dr. Marko Boger founded Gentleware in June 2000. Gentleware AG designs visual modelling tools for software development (UML-CASE-Tools). There is a free Community Edition vailable of their product line “Poseidon” for UML.

Wimmel + von Bargen GmbH develops IT-Solutions in the areas of knowledge management and knowledge representation. With our product SKTools one can construct ontologies and topic maps. We support XML, OIL, KRSS and topic maps. Fields of application are online product advice (B2C) and information retrieval.

c1-wps Workplace Solutions Gesellschaft für DV-Beratung mbH is a software developer for object-oriented projects. Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Consultation for object-oriented software development: We conceptualise and evaluate architectures for large object-oriented application systems.
  • Project organisation: We elaborate and implement application-oriented solutions.
  • Training/Coaching: We provide training for task forces and advise management in all aspects of object-oriented projects and current technologies.

Using our framework JWAM we develop inhouse and internet solutions for or with our customers.

What first impression does your website, advert or title page make? Companies invest a lot of money into this media without knowing the effect. helps their customers to analyse and optimise the design of such media from a users point of view. We provide entire studies (usability/market research) or licences for our innovative processes.



We design Germany’s most innovative website! Our customer Edgar Medien received an award for in the category “Germany’s most innovative website” at the Neo Awards in Stuttgart. The epublica team looks after since 1998. Our business is:
  • the technical conceptualisation and production of dynamic, database-supported websites,
  • developing the software behind those websites,
  • administration and support for websites,
  • developing and supporting website communities,
  • setting up and supporting servers and server farms as well as
  • practice-oriented training

The ifu Institut für Umweltinformatik Hamburg GmbH was founded in 1993 by experts from the field of ecology informatics. The staff members are competence leaders in the areas of informatics, natural sciences, economics and organisational sciences.As a service business, we support our customers in their ecological management. It is our goal to apply concepts, techniques and tools from ecological informatics in order to help with ecological issues.

racer.pngRacer Systems GmbH & Co. KG develops and distributes the Racer-Software, a semantic Middleware for industrial projects with RDF/OWL, a W3C standard. Based on the Racer-Software we also develop customer specific solutions and contribute our knowledge of Description Logics and knowledge-based systems to projects.

Baqend is a Backend-as-a-Service for mobile and web applications that provides high productivity paired with the lowest possible latency – a necessity for today’s demand for instantly responding applications. When building applications on Baqend, customers can make use of a wide range of database and backend capabilities, custom business logic, transactions as well as automatic content distribution and caching. The scalable cloud-based infrastructure relies on various research results made at the University of Hamburg to offer powerful service level agreements.


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